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On behalf of our team at Certainty Analytical Labs we would like to thank you for trusting us to support your testing needs.

We are skilled laboratory professionals that have years of experience in laboratory operations, laboratory management, education, and research & development. We understand how challenging it is to navigate compliance testing in the hemp industry and we aim to mitigate your risk and provide safeguards for smooth market entry.

At Certainty, our mission is to provide hemp growers, processors and product manufactures with accurate and quality assured data so that you can strategically position your products within the marketplace. Our motto is“ If you can dream it, formulate it, or grow it at Certainty we can test it!

We are excited to work with you, evolve with you, and assist you as you grow your enterprise. Thank you for your partnership.

Brandy Young, PhD (Founder/CEO)

Our leadership team

Brandy Young

Brandy Young, PhD – Dr. Young’s career has been centered around accurate, reliable and defensible data as it pertains to laboratory testing and translating scientific discoveries into commercial applications. Her analytical testing expertise is in mass spectrometry and also extends to other testing platforms. Her wheelhouse is laboratory operations, management and testing. She is a highly skilled application development specialist with a focus on large scale, high-throughput laboratory settings. Her work has been aligned within life sciences, the pharmaceutical industry and clinical testing. Dr. Young also brings to this role international experience – as she actively took part in developing the mass spectrometry infrastructure in the Western Cape of South Africa – and a host of business development skills. Dr. Young obtained her PhD from Purdue University under the direction of the Henry Bohn Hass Distinguished Professor Robert Graham Cooks and she later went on to fulfill various leadership roles in the pharmaceutical industry, academia, and in medicine. She is a scientist at heart that thrives at the intersection of scientific discovery and business advancement.     

Kim Andrews

Kim Andrews, PhD, MHA – Dr. Andrews is a corporate scientist with over 20 years of experience in the chemical, pharmaceutical, technology transfer, manufacturing and STEM education industries. Her contribution and leadership in these industries have led to the generation of corporate patent disclosures, process improvements with improved capacity utilization. Along with STEM science involvement, Dr. Andrews has identified several STEM- business alignment opportunities that have led to generating large global project teams, capital projects, and collaborations with external and international partners.

George Pates

George Pates, PhD – Dr. Pates is an analytical chemist with more than 10 years of experience in method development and method validation on small and large molecules in the dietary supplement and pharma arenas.  Dr. Pates has extensive experience in industry R&D and product development with a thorough understanding of separation techniques, chromatographic techniques and instrumentation. 

Melanie Wyche

Melanie Wyche, M.S. – Ms. Wyche is a trained physical chemist with more than 10 years of quality management experience in the agricultural sector. She is a leader in designing quality management infrastructures, LIMS systems and integrating certification bodies within corporate management systems.  

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