Sample Submission Process

Step 1 – Prepare your sample

Obtain a representative sample.

Dry any plant material before shipping.

Place samples in a leak-proof container.

Clearly label each sample and save this information for your records.

Step 2 – Enter your order online – coming soon!

Step 3 – Package your samples for shipment.

Review the sample size requirements

Your sample will need to meet our minimum sample size requirements. This depends on the type of test requested and the type of sample. Please review our requirements in the table.

Use a separate container for each sample

If your sample requires more than one test, please submit the sample in a separate containers. Also, label your sample with a unique identifier/sample name.

Package your sample

Ensuring sample integrity while in transit will be important to avoid any shipping or testing delays. Place packaged samples into a secondary container for shipping. Do the following when packaging your sample(s):
• Enclose the sample in a watertight/ leak-proof container or sealable Mylar envelope.
• A copy of the distributors (growers, processors, or manufactures) license(s)
• Completed Chain of Custody Form
• A check made out to Certainty Analytical Labs

Ship your sample

Please send sample(s) to:
Certainty Analytical Labs 260 East Main St., Suite 6411, Rochester, NY 14604